SIGOMA analysis: Find out how much your council's funding has been cut

Posted on March 04, 2024

Core spending power is a measure which encompasses all main income streams for councils, including central government grants and revenue from council tax and business rates.

Analysis of local government core spending power figures show, that despite generous increases in recent years, 2024-25 core spending power is still significantly lower than 2010-11 levels in real-terms.

The core spending power of English councils in 2024-25 is 18.1% lower in real-terms than 2010-11 levels.

For SIGOMA councils, 2024-25 core spending power is 23.3% lower than 2010-11 levels.

The most deprived councils have seen even larger cuts since 2010-11, with real-terms reduction of 26.6%. By comparison, the least deprived councils have experienced a reduction of 7.0%.

Compare your councils reduction in core spending power by accessing our comparison tool here.

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