SIGOMA cuts analysis receives local coverage across North West

Posted on May 09, 2023


"Councils in Greater Manchester have had their budgets cut by nearly a quarter over the last 14 years, according to new research. Across England, the poorest councils have faced real-term cuts worth almost three times as much as the richest local authorities, the research by a special interest group has revealed.

SIGOMA, the Special Interest Group of Municipal Authorities, found that the biggest real-term cut to a council in Greater Manchester was nearly 30 pc. Manchester council's budget is now worth 29.9 pc less than it was in 2010/11 financial year when the figures are adjusted for inflation, SIGOMA revealed".

Read the full article in the Manchester Evening News here.


"They say that Blackburn with Darwen has suffered a real terms cut of 31.8 per cent in core spending power between 2010/11 and 2023/24 - equivalent to £1,135.70 per household - and the worst for similar local authorities in England.

Cllr Riley said: “SIGOMA are a well respected independent organisation who specialise in local government finance and these figures are an important summary of what has happened to councils’ core spending power since 2010".

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"In Bury, there has been a 22 per cent cut, according to the data".

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Oldham and Rochdale

"To plug the shortfall, local authorities across the country have been raising council tax.

But less than a third of Manchester town hall’s budget comes from council tax.

Its Labour leader says the whole council tax system is ‘fundamentally unfair’ because poorer areas like Manchester cannot collect as much money from it.

SIGOMA has also revealed that Oldham and Rochdale have faced real-term council cuts of 29.1 pc and 28.4 pc respectively".

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"In Trafford, there has been a 21 per cent cut, according to the data".

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"In Bolton, there has been a 25.3 per cent cut, according to the data".

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