SIGOMA responds to Sales, Fees and Charges guidance

Posted on August 27, 2020

Cllr Houghton said "While councils will be relieved to see elements of the scheme confirmed in writing, concerns will remain, particularly over commercial and leisure income. It is welcome that the calculation of the 5% deduction will be specific to Covid impacted services, however the combination of this deduction and 25% of the remainder being covered by authorities will leave a large gap, which will run to tens of millions of pounds for our members. Government must provide further support for the sector including those areas this scheme will not cover".

Taking note of previous comments by minsters that the second tranche of Covid emergency funding (£1.6bn) was in part a response to income losses, Cllr Houghton noted that "We are also still waiting for clarity on how the Covid-19 funding of £3.7bn and the income funding proposals will interact, as it was made clear that the second tranche was to help relieve income pressures".

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